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Central Europeans Cup 2022

Szeged, Hungary, 9th Sep, 2022 - 13th Sep, 2022

Hungary and Szeged are waiting for the hot air balloon pilots again between September 9 and 13, 2022!

Balloon-tracking as a complete management software helps pilots, organizers and officials.

Broadcasting the competition to the public, tracking flights in 2D and 3D online, and displaying 360-degree videos is a special experience.

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25th FAI World Hot Air Balloon Championship

Szeged, Hungary, 8th Sep, 2024 - 14th Sep, 2024

Based on the decision of the FAI CIA Plenary in Rome on March 19, 2022, Hungary will host the 25th FAI World Hot Air Balloon Championship.

This opportunity is a great honor for the Hungarian hot air balloon sport and for the pilots.

The organizers and officials, the hospitable citizens of Hungary and the city of Szeged are waiting the best pilots in the world for this prestigious competition from September 8 to 14, 2024!

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22nd FAI European Hot Air Balloon Championship

Szeged, Hungary, 12th Sep, 2021 - 18th Sep, 2021

On September 18, the 22nd FAI Europeans Hot Air Balloon Championship ended with an award ceremony in Szeged, Hungary.

Pilots and Officials used our Balloon-tracking System as the official secondary tracker and logger system for the EUROPEANS 2021 Event.

During the competition the pilots and officials gave us positive feedback, lots of questions and requests.

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1st Győr Balloon Fiesta

Győr, 7th Jul, 2021 - 11th Jul, 2021

Sikeresen lezajlott a 40. Magyar Nemzeti Hőlégballon Bajnokság / 1. Győri Ballon Fiesta.
A versenyzők és a szervezők ezen a versenyen is használták a Balloon-tracking rendszert.

A verseny szervezői megismerhették a Balloon-tracking System Tagerget Team modulját, amely segít nekik a targetek és az MMA koordinátáinak, valamint a marker dobások méréseinek gyors, pontos mentésében.

The 40th Hungarian National Hot Air Balloon Championship / First Győr Balloon Fiesta took place successfully. Competitors and Organizers also used the Balloon-tracking system at this event.

Event Organizers can learn about the Balloon-tracking System Target Team module, which helps them quickly and accurately save the coordinates of targets and MMAs and the results of drop measurements.

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4th Central European Cup

Szeged, Hungary, 11th Sep, 2020 - 18th Sep, 2020

Competitors at CECUP 2020 also used the Balloon-tracking System.

Not only was the flight of balloons visible in the sky in this race.

The track appeared on the public map of the Balloon-tracking website with a 15-minute delay.

With this solution, tracking the flights did not interfere with the competition, Officials saw the movement of the balloons in real time.

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