25th FAI World Hot Air Balloon Championship will be in Szeged between 08 and 14/09/2024


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25th FAI World Hot Air Balloon Championship
Szeged, Hungary, 8th Sep, 2024 - 14th Sep, 2024


Based on the decision of the FAI CIA Plenary in Rome on March 19, 2022, Hungary will host the 25th FAI World Hot Air Balloon Championship.

This opportunity is a great honor for the Hungarian hot air balloon sport and for the pilots.

The organizers and officials, the hospitable citizens of Hungary and the city of Szeged are waiting the best pilots in the world for this prestigious competition from September 8 to 14, 2024!



2022 FAI Ballooning Commission plenary in Rome on 16th and 19th March 2022


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The Balloon-tracking team attended the FAI CIA meetings and plenary sessions as an observer.


The delegates and the participants asked us for a lot of information and we also received a lot of suggestions and requests from them. We will continue to develop Balloon-tracking based on the needs of pilots, event organizers and the public.

Our success is when They are satisfied with the services of the Balloon-tracking System.


January 21 2022, Free Balloon-tracking Credits for participants and winners of EUROPEANS 2021


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Balloon-tracking gives all pilots of EUROPEANS 2021

an Event Credit for Pilot package valid for 5 Events until 31.12.2024.



 The EUROPEANS 2021 winners:     Roman Hugi, Stefan Ziberli and David Spildooren will each receive

an Unlimited Event Credit for Pilot package valid until 31.12.2024.

They will also receive 3-3 Unlimited Event Credit for Crew packages for their team!


December 15 2021, Demo Event website is ready

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The Event demo website of the Balloon-tracking System has been completed.

Are you an Event Organizer?

Check out the EUROPEANS 2021 sub-website! The Balloon-tracking System offers you a similar sub-website.
If you ask, we will add even more features for you!


Click here to visit our EUROPEANS 2021 sub-website

October 17 2021, 360 degrees cameras in the package

360as kamera 75At Europeans 2021, scorers asked for some 360-degree cameras at the targets.There will already be some such cameras in the next Events hardware package. The recordings from the cameras will help the scorers and the jury. 360-degree videos give a new experience to the public, further increasing the popularity of balloon sports!

Make an astonishing video of a competitors flight with the new 360 degree camera, and make it available to view on your Event Ballon-tracking website easily.

Click here to try and enjoy this 360-degree video!

September 20 2021, The 3D module is complete

The Balloon-tracking System now automatically generates a 3D database of pilots tracks after flights.
Look for the 3D animation of the competition after the flights in the Events ARCHIVE 3D. Set wich balloons you want to fly and enjoy real flight in virtual airspace!

From the EUROPEANS 2021 tracks, we generated 3D animation without names. Click on the image or here for the demo. Choose the September 12 day - Flight1 and select balloons! Start the animation and rotate it with the mouse. Look down and up in virtual airspace. Enjoy the flight!

Learn how to use the 3D animation module

September 18 2021, The Balloon-tracking System worked well at the EUROPEANS 2021

Europeans logo 2021 300x308On September 18, the 22nd FAI Europeans Hot Air Balloon Championship ended with an award ceremony in Szeged, Hungary.

Pilots and Officials used the Balloon-tracking System as the official secondary tracker and logger system for the EUROPEANS 2021.

During the competition the Pilots and Officials gave us new demands and requests.

Enjoy the EUROPEANS 2021 feeling with this video!

September 12 2021, EUROPEANS 2021 has begun

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                                            The countdown is over, EUROPEANS 2021 has begun!

July 07 2021, Győr ballon Fiesta

smiley emoticon in the winners podium take vector 21917312The 40th Hungarian National Hot Air Balloon Championship / First Győr Balloon Fiesta took place successfully.
Competitors and Officials also used the Balloon-tracking system at this event.

February 25 2021, Introducing the Balloon-tracking System at FAI BALLOONING COMMISSION ePLENARY

logo fai ballooning 150x150We are pleased to present the Balloon-Tracking System at the FAI 2021 BALLOON COMMISIONN ePLENARY as a presenter of the New Technologies Subcomitee. 

The Balloon-tracking System is more than a logger, it is a complex Competition Management System.

We could talk about the fact that the Speed Limit Warning feature of the Balloon-tracking System is unique in the world today. The Balloon-tracking System with this radio communication feature gives balloon pilots as much safety as FLARM gliders or TCAS commercial pilots!

You can watch our presentations on video here


September 11 2020, CECUP 2020

cecup szeged 2020 logoCompetitors at CECUP 2020 also used the Balloon-tracking System. Not only was the flight of balloons visible in the sky in this competition.
The track appeared on the public map of the Balloon-tracking website with a 15-minute delay. With this solution, tracking the flights did not interfere with the competition, Officials saw the movement of the balloons in real time.

October 22 2019, Mallorca

measuringWe were a participant of the XXI FAI EUROPEAN HOT AIR BALLOON CHAMPIONSHIP in Mallorca. We carried 100 Tube devices for the 100 competitor.

The system tracked the flight of all balloons with the help of the 3 mobile radio receivers on ground. The Organizers saw the flights in real time, the balloons moving on the public pages with a 15-minute delay.


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