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eventLogo 1st Győr Balloon Fiesta

7th Jul, 2021 - 11th Jul, 2021

Megkezdődött az 1. Győr Ballon Fiesta és a 40. Magyar Nemzeti Hőlégballon Bajnokság szervezése!
Az aktuális információkat megtalálod a szervező saját weboldalán és itt az Evet weboldalon!

The organization of the 1st Győr Balloon Cup and the 40th Hungarian National Hot Air Balloon Championship has started!
You can find the current information on the organizer's own website and here on the Evet website!


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eventLogo 5th Central European Cup

Szeged, Hungary
12th Sep, 2021 - 18th Sep, 2021

The invitation of 22nd FAI European Hot Air Balloon Championship’s process started. We sent out the leters to the NACs at 15th January 2021. Deadline for them to send nominations is 25th February.
You will find the actual informations and all news on the Event’s website:

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Previous events

eventLogo 4th Central European Cup

Szeged, Hungary
11th Sep, 2020 - 18th Sep, 2020

We would like to invite you to the 4th Central European Cup – Pre-Europeans hot air balloon competition and to the 5th Szeged Ballon Cup fiesta and the 4th Szeged International Airshow which is the largest flying event in the region and the BorTér wine festival.

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